RAPTURE collection highlights the intricacies of the urban, geometric world while retaining a sense of mystery.

Rapture is either the consuming end of all, or the feeling of all-consuming pleasure. How will you see it? If you open your eyes, relinquish the surrounding world, and surrender to the swelling euphoria, Rapture will exalt the spirit to near-divinity.

The asymmetrical urban world is everlasting, yielding to no season, as does this collection by Minika Ko. It emphasizes the angularity of the stunningly geometric world while retaining pure femininity. Wasting no amount of space, Minika built this collection through 'minimum waste' design, sophisticatedly constructing her garments with the excesses of the open world and finishing them with the finest of techniques to give new light to sustainability.

Rapture is a sprawling garden of simplistic elegance and luxurious serenity. Decadence awaits those who pursue it; delight for those who trust it; sensuous purity for those who embody it. Thus, the question stands: where will you be when Rapture arrives?