Press Release: Minika Ko Presents KOVASKY and Knockout at New York Fashion Week


NEW YORK, NY - Minika Ko will present the KOVASKY Fashion Show on September 16, 2018 at 6PM at New York Fashion Week. Held at the landmark Peridance Capezio Center in the heart of New York City, the fashion show is in collaboration with dancers, visual artists, and musicians.  It is a must see runway of art and fashion coming together to honor the heroine inside every woman.

This event celebrates the power of women and their strength. The show opens with a capsule collection entitled Knockout. Featuring original art by the Ukiyo-e tattoo artist, Horiyo, the designs channel Eastern culture’s symbols of strength with traditional embroidery. The collection emphasizes artisanship with each piece crafted to be wearable art. 

Dancers will show the flexibility of the KOVASKY clothing on the runway. The collection exudes confident femininity and channels courage and passion. Designed for the woman always on the go, KOVASKY offers high performance features such as wrinkle resistance and are all machine washable.

The fashion show aims to demonstrate that fashion is more than the clothes presented on the runway. The designer shakes the ideas of what constitutes a fashion show by showing her design inspirations on the runway through art, dance, and music. To Minika Ko, fashion is wearable art, from the runway and into closets and everyday lives. 

Hosted by TJCCNY, the collaborators include: dancers Abrielle Kuo and Vincenza Primera-Simonaro, visual artists Chandelle Heffner and Cathy Homans jewelry designer Flora Chen, NACMS string quartet, composer Ben Cockerham, filmmaker Cameron Liu, director Tom Concordia, stylist Phylicia Bernard, beauty sponsor MBD Beauty by Andrea Zola, makeup artist Romana Lai, and model sponsor Lan of Fashion.

Door opens at 5:30PM to the red carpet. Drinks and refreshments will be served. The fashion show starts at 6:30PM.  We hope you join us for a great evening full of fashion and passion this New York Fashion Week. 

KOVASKY is a high performance ready-to-wear line designed by Minika Ko. Merging athleisure and contemporary fashion, the collection is crafted to provide comfort and style, serving the woman on the go. Made with sustainable practices, KOVASKY offers engineered functionality such as wrinkle resistant fabrics and are all machine washable. The clothes are minimalistic and edgy featuring innovative slits, pockets and compression mesh lining. Flexible, breathable, high fashion yet low maintenance- all to make the clothes revolutionary to fit the needs of the modern woman.

About Minika Ko

Minika Ko is a fashion designer based in New York City. Inspired by the heroine in every woman, her designs exude confident femininity and channel courage and passion.  A pioneer in merging high-tech fabrics and fine tailoring, her high performance fashion line, KOVASKY, emphasize both fashion and functionality. As an artist, Minika often collaborates with creators in other fields to made one of a kind artwork and avant-garde couture. As an advocate of women's rights, Minika likens herself to every woman’s best ally and supporter; supplying high quality fashion to help women thrive, in style.