NY Daily News: #MeToo fashion show leaves guests shocked, silent after models share harrowing stories of abuse


By Nicole Bitette

A crowded NYFW venue was blanketed in silence Friday night as a handful of models took the runway to share powerful and emotional personal stories of sexual misconduct, assault and rape.

Eight women walked down a white aisle before ending their powerful struts hand-in-hand with male models in pig masks, who were later handcuffed to chairs. Each woman was handed a microphone and told the silent audience a harrowing tale of how they were assaulted — some in vivid and disturbing detail.

It was the first show of its kind in the wake of the #MeToo movement, organized by designer Myriam Chalek and featuring designs by American Wardrobe and Minika Ko.

But as one model put it: when you left, you weren't thinking about the beautiful designs, but rather the brave women, who left some onlookers wiping away tears.