About Minika


Minika Ko is a fashion designer based in New York City. She is the founder and designer of her eponymous design firm, Minika Ko LLC. Her high performance ready-to-wear line, KOVASKY, combines high fashion with cutting-edge textiles to create a wardrobe capable of keeping up with the modern power woman. She also creates custom designs for private clients, ranging from individuals to companies.

Minika vividly recalls her childhood spent traveling with her mother and grandmother, who were both self-made entrepreneurs. She watched as they juggled family and business obligations, yet still managed to remain infallibly elegant. Taking inspiration from these strong female figures, Minika grew up to become a designer making clothing for women to kick ass fashionably. She has worked as a designer in France, Taipei, and Los Angeles, before finally calling New York City her home. Minika brings her global experiences to the world of fashion, designing with adventurers in mind — the courageous, independent, modern woman. Inspired by the heroine in every woman, her designs exude confident femininity and channel courage and passion.

A pioneer in merging high-tech fabrics and fine tailoring, Minika created KOVASKY, a high performance ready-to-wear line, to serve the power woman on the go. The first KOVASKY collection was debuted on the runway during the New York Fashion Week in September 2016. Made of cutting-edge performance fabrics, the collection offered wrinkle-resistant business attire and formal wear, weather-proof trench coats, and water-repellent white suits and dresses. Minika continued to develop the “high fashion meets high tech” concept and presented an addition to the KOVASKY collection in her following show at New York Fashion Week in February 2017. The full house runway presentation represented a leap forward for Minika, showcasing the growth of her brand while remaining true to the essence of her mission to provide high performance, low maintenance clothing for women. After two years of development, KOVASKY was launched as a full ready-to-wear clothing line for retail at New York Fashion Week in 2018.

Minika believes that all art forms are connected, so she frequently collaborates with fellow creators. She created the KOllision fashion show, a collaboration of fashion, arts, and technology. The first KOllision show was debuted in September 2017 as a part of New York Fashion Week. The show opened with art exhibition, showcasing artists of various mediums. The runway featured Peiju Chien-Pott, the principle dancer of the iconic Martha Graham Dance Company improvising to showcase the flexibility of the KOVASKY clothing. The dance performance as well as the runway show were accompanied by live musicians playing original compositions by Ben Cockerham. The second KOllision fashion show will be on March 9th, 2019.

Minika treats her work as a wearable art form. This philosophy is most clearly shown in her custom designs. Minika’s atelier includes everything from luxury gowns for private clients, to costumes for dance companies, to one-of-a-kind creations for art exhibitions.