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Nature is an evolving product. From the tectonic, structured mountains to the eroding, dipping seafronts, there is a forever present sense of time passing by. Imaginably, this is why the attachment to nature is often felt like a sense of vivid dreaming, as though we were but an undisturbed onlooker privy to the view of a story grander than our own. As we stroll atop the shifting grains of sand that fill our lingering footprints; as we gaze out at the vast sea that builds and crashes upon itself; and as we bask in the warming light of a passing sun that glides through the tender clouds, the concept of dreaming is outplayed by the grander sensation of experience that comes from living through these moments.

To experience CloudDress is to exist in this state. Its airy design lifts the weight of our detached selves and inspires the hope and faith that the natural world embodies. Thoughtfully crafted by Minika Ko, CloudDress not only replicates nature, but continues to evolve with it.

CloudDress is unique in each design, hand-sewn with one layer of organic cotton/spandex blend for fitting comfort, and another of organza for the sheer feeling of being as light as the cloud. Dreamy and flowy throughout, it flatters any body type. CloudDress has a removable NeoPixel panel, granting you the option to personalize a special light for your CloudDress. Like many of Minika Ko's creations, each CloudDress is draped through zero-waste techniques to help address the negative impact that material waste has on the environment.