Metallic Jacket


We can imagine the future, or we can grasp it now. Better yet, we can be instrumental in transforming sepia memories of yesterday into weightless, boundless opportunities of tomorrow. Do you remember your wildest dreams? Who were you supposed to be?

With the Metallic Jacket by Minika Ko, the future is in your hands. Soft vegan leather and satin line the way for every woman. Redefine, redesign, and remodel the world the way you always wish it had been. Make your intentions known as the fabric shimmers serpentine through every conquest. Prodigious lapels and striking zippers guide you against the wrath of changing winds and attitudes. As your future becomes your reality, don't forget your past, and don't let the past forget you. Leave a reminder of the graceful and elegant creature you still are as you walk away in a daze of French lace detail and hand sewn sequins on the lower back of the Metallic jacket. Every detail is precious on this journey.